Braided Mens Leather Bracelets – Find the Style You Want or Even Your Own Handmade Design

Braided Mens Leather Bracelets – Find the Style You Want or Even Your Own Handmade Design

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Braided men’s leather bracelets are a popular choice for many guys when trying to decide on a bracelet purchase. There are many different kinds of bracelets which are available for men. But even though there are a number of bracelets to be found, Leather or Nothing braided men’s leather bracelets continue to be very popular among men.

You can make braided men’s leather bracelets by yourself and save some money instead of buying in the store. You need some materials like cones, wires, clasp, and leather strips. You do have to consider some things when trying to make braided men’s leather bracelets. You will need strips of leather, glue, two 3 inch pieces of wire, one clasp, two cone end attachments, scissors, two jump rings, pliers, and wire cutting pliers.

You have to cut the wire and the leather for your braided men’s leather bracelets to the dimensions you require. Next, you then you have to cut three leather pieces each 12″ and 14″ long and put a knot an inch from the end to makes the strips to hold together. Next, you have to tight the leather strips by putting wire in the knot and pulling on them. You have to add little bit of glue to the knot.

To avoid discoloration, you have to repeat this process again and again. Wrap the wire tightly and make a circle and form a twist to tighten it. With the help of wire, you have to thread the cone to the top of the knot. You have to twist the wire and form a loop at the end of the bracelet. You can start braiding now. There are three pieces of leather tightly now, you can start of braiding the leather bracelet. You have to tie your leather strongly to something like a drawer or kitchen table. You have to braid the leather strips fast as well as tightly. You have to make the process of braiding in the way crossing the left strip on the middle and the right strip on the middle. You have to do this action again and again. After braiding the bracelets, you have to check the length of the bracelets.

After competing braiding process, you have to use a wire to secure the braid and end knot. You can also use additional wire to make the end loop. Finally you have to join clasp and attach the ends together. After finishing all these steps, you can find beautiful braided men’s leather bracelets. You can also decorate your bracelets with some beads and bangles. Today’s fashion is not complete without wearing braided men’s leather bracelets.

Wearing these kinds of accessory is not new; this is used by people from the earlier days. It is considered as elegant and modern to use stylish jewelry. The braided bracelets are very suitable for all kinds of outfits. Not only are the college students, even the business men’s wearing bracelets to show their personality. You can also gift these bracelets to your loved ones for special occasion. The handmade accessory will say something different that the recipient is special to you.

Done correctly, the recipient will remember his braided men’s leather bracelet for a lifetime.

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