Trendy Leather Bracelets For Men & Women

Oh so soft, oh so sexy! Our leather bracelets are made of supple genuine leather imported from Italy and The Middle East. Leather is pleasure, Ladies & Gentlemen!

Accessorize your everyday outfit by adding leather bracelets for men & women. You can choose from a wide array of bracelets from engraved leather bracelets for men to those stylish anchor leather bracelets for men and women. Check out these tips in choosing the right bracelets for men leather and learn how to maintain the beauty of your leather bracelets.

Tips In Choosing Bracelets

When it comes to choosing the perfect leather bracelets for men or women, there are many factors to consider. By choosing carefully, you can ensure that your leather bracelets will look great, provide comfortable wear and accent your personal style. With so many options to consider, these tips can help you find the ideal leather bracelets.

  • Design: A major factor in the overall impact of leather bracelets is the design. Common designs include leather anchor bracelets and woven leather bracelets. Anchor bracelets can provide a professional and powerful appearance. Woven or braided leather bracelets are classic and tend to offer a more casual, personalized appearance.
  • Color: Leather bracelets for women are available in a wide spectrum of colors. The most common colors are natural brown, black or tan. However, bold colors, such as red, blue, green or white, are available as well. When choosing the perfect color, consider your outfit. Formal settings often require traditional colors while other colors can provide a laid back, casual appearance for the outdoor adventurer or a day at the beach.
  • Adornments: Many leather bracelets include metal pendants, plates, buckles or studs to provide variety and personalization. Engraved leather bracelets can provide medical information or personal identification as well as making a great gift idea for the special men in your life. Common materials include silver, stainless steel, gold and titanium.
  • Sizing: In most cases, leather bracelets for men provide more flexibility than metal bracelets or bands. This means you should ensure a snug fit before purchasing. As leather ages and looses, you could risk a poor fit or losing your bracelet while on the go.

Tips On How To Maintain Your Leather Bracelet

Once you have found the ideal leather bracelet , proper wearing and maintenance is essential to keeping them looking great. These tips should help you maintain your bracelets and take only a few minutes:

  • Always remove bracelet before sleeping or during strenuous activity.
  • Clean your Leather or Nothing bracelet weekly with a damp cloth and warm water.
  • Apply a light coating of saddle soap every few months to maintain sheen and flexibility.
  • Avoid harsh cleansers and prolonged exposure to moisture to preserve appearance and prevent the development of foul odors.

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